Review: Battlestar Galactica Finale

Not with a bang: The end of Battlestar Galactica
through the mother of all SF cliches

Giving oneself over to an episodic drama, produced over years, is always a gamble on the part of the reader or viewer. Unlike a novel or a feature film, the reader or viewer must take a leap of faith and trust that the creator or creators, essentially know what they are doing, that — even if they are open to making changes as things move along, organically evolving as they are surprised by their own creation — they at least have the ultimate end-point, the climax, always in view.

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Bad books, great reviews! (If I do say so myself)

Sometime in April of 2007, I sent the Globe a copy of my review of Kim Stanley Robinson's novel Sixty Days and Counting, thinking I just might find a paying market for my ever-so-humble opinions.

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Desperately Clutching at Coat-tails

Unidentified black man spotted with wildly popular Canadian politicians, photo-illustration by Geoffrey Dow. barrack obama, michael ignatief, stephen harper

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The worst of both worlds: Harper's Trojan Horse


Harper's budget both incompetent and dishonest
Ignatief gives a pass to Harper's not-so hidden agenda

The front page of Wednesday's Globe and Mail said it all:

$12-billion in new infrastructure spending, $20-billion in income tax cuts.

If the recent, panic-driven consensus of both liberal and conservative economists around the world is true — that what is needed to stave off the worst financial disaster since the Great Depression is a massive and concerted boost in spending by governments around the world, then the Harper government has just delivered a budget that almost completely contradicts that consensus.

In the midst of bank failures, an international real-estate crash, bankruptcies and layoffs, deficit spending is supposed to provide immediate and concentrated stimulation of the economy. In other words, to create jobs and services that private money is currently unable or unwilling to do, and to do it now.

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Racism, "Racism"(?), Doctor Who and Me - And Some Random Gloats

(For some fascinating and insightful comments on this, please visit my cross-posted Livejournal entry and read the comments there before spanking me here. Truth to tell, I'm tempted to delete this entry — nobody likes to publicly fall on their face — but if I'm going to make a fool of myself in public, pretending it didn't happen seems to me to be intellectually and morally dishonest. To read on, if you will, but know that I don't stand by this anymore. GD, January 28, 2009.)

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