Photo of the Cinema Odeon Firenze 1, 2008, taken from from

A photograph of Cinema Odeon Firenze 1, by Saiko and used under the GNU Free Documentation License.

Cinema? Film? Movies?

What to call the introductory page for a movie review section? Cinema seems kind of pretentious, Movies doesn't seem serious enough, so I settled on Film, serious, but not academically serious.

Truth is, in the eight years (eight!) since I last reviewed a movie here, I've come to the conclusion that for now at least, television is where it's at for those who seek Art in their televisual entertainments. The mini-series and the extended series, both allow a breadth and depth that even a two-hour film simply can't match. (That isn't to say there are no good movies; only that they are the equivalent of short stories.)

Most movies nowadays seem to be adaptations of comic books, for better and for worse; and by and large, at my venerable age, I am simply not very interested in keeping up with either the DC or even the Marvel universes. Hell, I haven't even seen most of the Star Wars sequels, and the original was for a few years, the most important film in my life.

All that said, I do still see films from time to time, and from time to time, I review 'em. You'll find the list of reviews below.