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Talking Canadian politics: be it resolved that a Conservative majority government would be a bloody disaster for this country.
Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Welcome to the election forums. Harper's Rules, Harper's Order is intended for general discussion about the progress of the 2011 Canadian general election in general and specifically, as a space for discussions inspired by my posts in The Droz Report on that subject.

Forums are a new thing for Edifice Rex Online, so please bear with me while we work out any and all glitches as they get discovered.

For the time being, I am permitting anonymous use of the forums, but I would prefer that you create an account and/or log in using OpenID. The latter method will permit you to post without moderation; anonymous commentators will need to wait until I get around to approving (or not) your comments.

The rules for the discussion board are the same as they are for comments on articles here. Namely, no ad hominem attacks and no personal insults — attack the idea, not the person. It shouldn't need saying, but this is the internet ...

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by Anonymous
2017-10-07 15:53
This forum is for general discussion, about Edifice Rex Online or not. Please note that all anonymous comments will be screened (at my leisure); those made by members will be posted live, but please keep things civil. If you engage in ad hominem attacks — arguing with the person rather then the argument, I won't hesitate to curtail your privileges.
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