October 2015

First (and second) thoughts on the election of Trudeau II

Image: Detail from screenshot of Prime Minister elect Justin Trudeau speaking on October 20 2015. Video by Canadian Press via National Post.

October 21, 2015, OTTAWA — The election of 2015 (or #Elexn42 as it was known on Twitter) has come and gone.

Personally, the results were an emotional roller-coaster. I was working when the results — a clean sweep for the Liberals, 32 out of 32 seats — came in from Atlantic Canada, so I was intellectually prepared for what was to come.

But emotionally? Not so much.

By the time the night was done, and the extent of the Liberal victory and the NDP's crushing defeat was laid bare on my father's ancient television screen, I was torn between rage and despair.

I couldn't even take any pleasure in knowing that Steven Harper's hate-filled and hate-fuelled regime had gone down to defeat. "Ding-dong! the witch is dead!" one of my fellow election watchers crowed, but I felt no joy, only a dread that Canadians had traded a nakedly brutal thug in thrall to the One Percent to a soft-spoken and smiling lisper who would make us enjoy the ongoing dismantling of liberty and democracy.

24 hours later? My sober first thoughts live behind the link: My schadenfreude, where it at?



Vote NDP to STOP Bill C-51, TPP, and HARPERVote NDP to Prevent more Lies & Liberal ScandalsVote NDP to Build the Country of our Dreams

Posted by Stuart Meisters on Sunday, 18 October 2015



The election cometh ...

Don't be fooled!

The Liberals have never been 'progressive'

Vote NDP (or even Green) on October 19th!

Image: Detail of hand holding copy of Ottawa Citizen's front page endorsing Harper's Conservatives in 2015 federal election.

October 19, 2015, OTTAWA — Despite much of Canada's mainstream press' utterly shameful endorsements of Steven Harper's frankly fascist regime, it appears much of the country has rejected the former's campaign of fear-mongering and race-baiting.

Tragically, if the polls are to be believed, too many people have been convinced that Justin Trudeau's Liberal Party offers a genuine, 'progressive' alternative. Race-baiting aside, a Trudeau regime will give us only more corruption (see Dan Gagnier, and how far back his lobbying goes) and, worse, full-on acceptance of the ongoing corporate take-over.

Under a Trudeau government, the TPP will be a done deal; Bill C-51 will get — at very best — one or two merely cosmetic 'improvements' — and public services will be slashed some more in order to finance his promised deficit spending.

At the eleventh hour, I beg any and all of you who might read this: don't be taken in by the pretty face and the gentle words! Trudeau's Liberals differ from the Harperites only in their lack of xenophobia. When it comes to championing the rich and corporate power, they are every bit as extremist as the Conservatives.

I'll close with a few analyses you probably haven't seen elsewhere, but which might induce you to re-consider voting NDP (or even Green) if you've been thinking the Liberals offer a real chance at voting for change in 2015.

The historic record is clear. Please vote your conscience, please vote for your hopes and aspirations, not against your fears.



Geoffrey Dow



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September 2015

Meanwhile, in Canada ...

Peegate runneth over!

Dear Leader Stephen Harper's competence revealed

Read More.


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June 2015

Meanwhile, in Canada ...

It all makes sense now

Dear Leader Stephen Harper reveals

His government's textbook ...


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April 2015

Meanwhile, in Canada ...

Stephen Harper proves his loyalty is to global capital,

not the country he swore an oath to serve ...

Government privatizes wheat board

in deal with G3 Global Grain Group

"Economic treason" — NDP

By Chinta Puxley

The Canadian Press via The Winnipeg Free Press

15 April 2015, WINNIPEG — The federal government is moving to privatize the Canadian Wheat Board in a deal with a company partially owned in Saudi Arabia.

G3 Global Grain Group will get 50.1 per cent of the company in exchange for an investment of $250 million. G3 is a joint venture between Bunge Canada, and SALIC Canada, a subsidiary of the Saudi Agricultural and Livestock Investment Co. (Read more ...)


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March 2015

Murder will out!


Powell returns to spotlight

with proof of Putin guilt

in murder of Boris Nemtsov!

  Image: General Colin Powel (retired) returns to the scene of his greatest triumpth and presents 'proof' that Russian President Vladimir Putin assassinated  
  Looking not a day over 63, retired US Army General and former Secretary of State Colin Powel came out of retirement in order to present proof of Russian President Vladimir Putin's guilt in the murder of Russian journalist Boris Nemtsov. (Source of photo illustration unknown.)  


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