Youthful Indiscretion

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Shame and humiliation are the obverse side of pride and triumph, the common currency of adolescence. Very often, the former is a direct result of the latter — and so this new section, "Youthful Indiscretions." A space for memories of failures small and large, of hubris upbraided and whatever other, well, lapses of taste or judgement I find the courage to share with those who might be interested.

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Doctor Who, Flesh and Stone: Matt Smith comes into his own

This is really more of a 'memo to self' than it is anything else, a blog entry at nearly its shallowest level (well, perhaps not that close to under-basement's cellar; I'm not tweeting about either the nature of my dinner or its ultimate end — as it isn't. But I digress), namely, some rather inchoate reactions to the most recent episode of a children's television program.

But yes, if you click the link below, you can have access to whatever insights and reactions I have to Matt Smith's fifth outing as the good Doctor Who, "Flesh and Bone."

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'I want my, I want my Emm Pee Three ...'

I met Michael Douglas today.

Well, I didn't meet him, but I watched him speak and was even briefly addressed by him.

Stores Online, Inc.'s Michael Douglas doppelganger
Stores Online, Inc.'s presenter, not exactly as shown, but awfully damned close.

Well. It wasn't really Michael Douglas — he didn't swear — but the picture of the film star at left is a bloody close approximation and since "John Kekel" doesn't have the same ring to it, "Michael" it will be for the duration of this post — which I will endeavor to keep shorter than he did his 90-minute (120-135minute!) presentation.

Yes, I said "presentation". Y'see, a few weeks back, the Big C got some kind of pitch for "Internet Cash Flow Conference", presented by an outfit called Stores Online, Inc. The event was said to last only 90 minutes at no cost but to one's time and, further, lunch and an MP3 player were promised to each attendee.

Long story short, we opted to attend, thinking it was just possible we might come away with some useful information and, what the hell, it was an excuse to get out of the house.

Well, a long 90 minutes it turned out to be!

Not just because the event actually last closer to an two hours and change when you count the pre-meeting waiting time and the (admitedly slight) time over-run, but mostly because I am really out of the habit of of paying attention to commercials, let alone trying to focus on one lasting more than an hour.

It's not just because of video-tapes and DVDs and torrents youtube and all the other modern ways we've developed of avoiding the Ad Man, but goes back to the Big C and my childhood itself.

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About time for Doctor Who's "Time for Angels"

Well. Holy moly. This is the Steven Moffat I've been waiting for.

Oh, I've only watched the first of two parts (and Doctor Who is notorious for climaxes which don't live up to their foreplays) so it is entirely possible the next episode will leave me bitter and disappointed and bitterly disappointed — but even a complete phail won't be able to take away from the pleasures to be had from "Time of the Angels".

Click here if you care about who, otherwise feel free to ignore it.

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Lesson learned

No more talk of "the girlfriend". Now chastened, I edited last Monday's Doctor Who essay for yesterday's True North Perspective. If you're interested in a how I go about not offending the female half of Doctor Who fandom, click here.

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