Let the chimes of freedom ring!

Bill Needle is a Contributing Editor to Edifice Rex Online. The noted television critic, political commentator and Canada's only accredited Doctor of Liberty. He lives in Mellonville and monitors the world via the fair and balanced reporting of Fox News and The National Post, among many others.

Let the chimes of freedom ring!

By Bill Needle, Contributing Editor

Barack Hussein Obama
"President" Barack Hussein Obama —
What else does this man have to hide?

It's been a good week for Liberty south of the border, folks!

After the the tragic events of January 20, freedom-lovers around the world watched in horror as "President" Barack Hussein Obama spear-headed his slow-motion Socialist coup d'état of the nation that saved the world from Hitler and Stalin in World War Two and fought the long fight against Communism for decades longer, while the rest of the "west" sat on the sidelines, when it wasn't actively siding with the enemy.

For a while there it looked like the last best hope for Liberty and Democracy in the world would end up on the scrap-heap of history as Hussein-Obama did his best to bankrupt his "own" country.

But freedom-loving Americans have a long history of fighting back against the forces of tyranny and it looks like they have finally have finally won a victory!

The New York Times reports the good news that the battle against "President" Hussein-Obama's so-called health care "reform (can we say "socialized medical care" boys and girls?) has been stopped in its tracks.

The American people have said "No!" to Hussein-Obama's Trojan horse!

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Home of the brave?

Land of the free? Home of the Brave?

'If you're simply fed up with trying to counter fantasies and lies with logic and truth, remember that "the price of liberty is eternal vigilance". Freedom never comes without a price, a price paid (in good times) with time and with effort, with the repetition of the truth in the face of brazen lies.

'If you believe that all politicians are liars or corrupt and so avoid the political process all together, you deny a truth repeated throughout history, that all politicians are not the same. Even a seriously cynical mind, if honest with itself, understands there is a very real difference between the pathology of a Mussolini and the petty misdemeanours of a Bill Clinton.'

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So, I'm not the only one ...

Apparently I'm not the only person who thinks race may not have been the cause of Gates' arrest.

Thanks to Livejournal's supergee for this article, and to the internet in general for this one.

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"Rise up and slaughter ..."

Leelah learns the truth about life in civilization
(compound interest — and taxes):

"Then the people should rise up and slaughter their oppressors!"

(Screenshot from "The Sunmakers", season 15, episode 95, part I.)

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Another elephant in the room - the real meaning behind the arrest of Henry Louis Gates, Jr.

To serve and protect?

The arrest of Henry Louis Gates, Jr. and
The real elephant in the corner

I moved to Toronto from Sudbury, Ontario, when I was 14 and, despite the fact Toronto was a city nearly 20 times the size of Sudbury, it took more than two years before anything happened to make me feel unsafe in the metropolis.

And it wasn't an angry drunk or a gang of teen-age boys that frightened me, but a pair of policemen on the muscle.

I was 16 years old when my friend Vern and I decided to form a band — well, a duet, with Vern on guitar while I banged away at a tambourine and croaked out lyrics as best as my pubescent throat would allow. With a week of practising under our belts we made our début in front of the Eaton Centre and were successful enough that we spent many nights that summer playing Neil Young and Dylan and Beatles songs for spare change.

We were white kids, but we were kids and we both had hair flowing past our shoulders. Being stopped by the police while walking home was a regular, and tiresome, occurrence. Still, we were smart enough to be polite and to answer any and all questions, no matter that we muttered "Pigs!" as soon as they were out of ear-shot. To their faces, they were always "officer".

One night we were stopped three times. The third was in the alley just behind Vern's house and that pair were cops with attitude. I am still convinced they would have happily taken us down to Cherry Beach for a private working-over had we uttered even a single disrespectful syllable. Even without it, Vern and I both sensed that these two wanted us to say something — anything — to give them an excuse.

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