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June 16, 2011 - June 30, 2011

June 28, 2011

Farewell to the Maginot Line

An update on the mouse situation, for those who might (arguably unaccountably) be interested. Hint: the war does not go well, but we are about to escalate.


June 24, 2011

Man smart, mouse smarter?

The Adventures of Young Geoffrey and Raven, the Girl Wonder

The Mystery of the Missing Mousetraps, Part I

Though I take no pleasure in dealing out death to my fellow living things, I am no Buddhist. I kill mosquitoes without hesitation and suffer no post-slaughter moral qualms.

Nor is my sang froide limited to invertebrate pests.

I do not brag, but it is true that I will not share my kitchen with any animal that has not the good sense or good manners to leave it as it found it.

If bags of rice are torn open, or droppings left among the silver, Something Will Be Done.

And so it was that Raven and I hied our way to the local hardware store on Tuesday, cash in hand for the purchase of mouse traps. Little did we know just how cunning would be our foe!

The full tale — but only to date! — lies behind the link.


June 23, 2011


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June 17, 2011

Doctor Who: Trial of the show-runners

Teenage Mutant Time Lord Goofballs

All right, I've done it. I've watched "A Good Man Goes to War". Twice. And scanned through it a third time, all the better to take note of every twitch and quiver of the unsightly mess.

Quite a lot to my surprise, it's been worth it.

"A Good Man Goes to War" starts with its pretentious and falsely portentous title and then goes ... pretty much nowhere at all. As with most of Moffat's efforts since "Blink", the most recent episode is self-contradictory, visually static and burdened by huge amounts of expository dialogue, improbable monologues and capital-P profundity with all the depths of a sheet of glass.

Worst of all, I don't believe any of it. Not in the Eye-Patch Lady, not in the Penitent Sontaran, not in the Fat and the Thin Ones or even in the Knitting Marine.

But I think I get it. Not just what has gone wrong with Doctor Who, but why something that (re)started so well in March of 2005 has gone so badly off the proverbial rails since 2007 came to a close.

Here's a clue. Steve Moffat didn't make the mess, he inherited it.

Click here for the full review, with snark, spoilers and digressions galore. Be further warned: it's very long.


June 16, 2011

Changes, moderate

I've grown tired of using Drupal's base teaser system, which merely copies part of a posting to the home page of the sight, forcing a reader who comes to it that way to either re-read or scan past that which they've already seen and which, leads to confusion to those going to directly in and then seeing the pointless "click here" link which only refreshes the page.

So, new system. A monthly front page, with unique teasers, linking to the "interior" of the site.

It will also, I hope, help to spur me on towards redeveloping the sight sooner than later.

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Ernie and Bert: Still subversive after all these years

Secret in plain sight

It's no secret that, despite the official denials, most of us suspect there has been a lot more than innocent sleeping going on in the bedroom of Sesame Street's Ernie and Bert.

The odd couple of American children's television were clearly part of the broader movement for personal liberation that has swept the globe since the 1960s, and kudos to the former Children's Television Workshop for daring to portray the love of one man-puppet for another.

Yet somehow, another revolutionary transgression has, to my knowledge, gone completely unnoticed. You know you're curious. Click — click, I tells ya!

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A beautiful game

Farewell to 'Young Geoffrey'?

I went, I played, I did not conquer, yet I survived.

Yea! though I suffer muscles aflame and knee scabbed over with blood, I survived to tell the tale.

Indeed, survived well enough to look ahead to that day (next week, in fact) when I shall take to the field yet again.

And yet, I fear the time approaches, when it may behoove me to relinquish the moniquer of Young Geoffrey.

'We grow too soon old ...'

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Random Gloats: Cheap girlfriend, soccer nerves and working-class pride

I miss the old days, when more often than not, blogging was for me, just blogging. Talking about whatever came to mind, whatever I had been doing or thinking or feeling. I miss the days when I didn't bother with the spell-check and my primary purpose on the internet was entertainment and just getting to know people.

And yeah, I even miss my experiment with living my life in a nearly clear bubble, telling all as if I were some kind of celebrity child with an axe to grind.

Or at least, with one hell urge towards ego-maniacal self-exposure.

That fit at least seems to be behind me; you new-comers are unlikely to have inflicted upon you details of my sex life or the number of hairs that reside upon my chest, and those few of you old-timers who still actually stop by to read, well, we'll always have those memories, won't we?

Onwards. This morning I will talk about neither Doctor Who nor Treme, but about my wonderful Raven, and the exciting lives we lead. And also, about my upcoming debut on the football pitch.

More real-life 'adventures' behind the link.

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