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The very old: Writings, before I was 20 | www.ed-rex.com

The very old: Writings, before I was 20

A binder from the past

August 8, 2010

"The Collected Works" indeed; I was nothing if not ambitious in my youth. A natural-born archivist to boot, even before I turned 20 I had one eye on posterity.

Still, I'm glad I kept that binder, even if some of what it contains is embarrassing to me and none of it is likely to be of much interest to anyone but myself.

Nevertheless, a meme I've been doing over at my Dreamwidth blog has seen me dipping into my past, and so this new/old section of Edifice Rex.

I won't promise to include everything in that binder — as I said, some of it is embarrassing and little of it is likely to interest you, but some of it certainly interests me. And I can type fast enough that, on an evening when I am tired and might otherwise be watching television or (more likely) randomly surfing, I might just as well put my fingers to use.

Last night, I did just that, and digitized "One Long Night Along the 401", the first story I wrote for Judy Merril's writer's workshop at my high school.

The story, an attempt to build tension without action or violence and to confound the readers' expectations, reads very much like a teenager's story now, but I still think it's interesting — and frankly, much better than the work of most kids of 18. I remember that Judy was impressed by it, and don't think I remember it falsely.

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