Cartoons or "cartoons"?

Well yes, my not-terribly impressive childhood efforts at comic books, and a perspective drawing of a street-scape which saw me score a mark of 15 out of 10(!) notwithstanding, my drawing skills are sub-par. And yes, the word cartoon typically implies the cartoonist has put pen to paper or stylus to screen, but you'll find little or none of that here.

Rather, accepting my limitations as a draughtsman and revelling in such open-source electronic tools as The Gimp, I have opted for the fine art of collage and captions to make my points, sometimes using my own photographs, more often "mashing-up" found art.

Not a avocation, or even a passion, it's a hobby I enjoy and at which I think I have more than a little proficiency. Your mileage, of course, may vary.

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