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Doctor Who

April 5, 2013, OTTAWA — Lordy, lordy, lordy ... I thought I was done talking Doctor Who, at least until the time comes when Steven Moffat hands the reins of power on to someone else.

But a little praise, it seems, can go a long way.

A couple of folks (who know who they are, but whom I won't name, lest fandom go after their virtual throats) have suggested they like my reviews and hope I blog about the new episodes as well. (If you want to be named, by all means comment here or elsewhere, and make yourselves known!)

And so here I am, trying it again — and hoping against hope that Steven Moffat will prove a better story-teller this time around than he has in the past.

The first episode of 2013 (and officially the first episode of the second half of Series Seven, however that's supposed to work), "The Bells of Saint John," was actually entertaining on first viewing, with Jenna-Louise Coleman as Clara showing more evidence a real thespian lies behind the charming grin.

But there were some not-so-good signs as well, and recent history suggests the negatives will soon outweigh the positives by a considerable margin.

But only time (as they say) will tell.

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