Reiki Attunement - Welcome to the World of Reiki

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It is always a special treat when licensed medical professionals and those doing other forms of hands-on healing are opened to a form of Usui Reiki by a qualified Shihan (master teacher). I once met a registered nurse whose friends and patients would gravitate to her because there was something healing about her presence and touch; she studied Japanese Reiki and and was delighted at the extra smiles she saw from such people as their healing shifted into high gear. Some people are natural healers and those people when connected to the vibrations of love and harmony of universal energy by a qualified Reiki Shihan (teacher) increase the healing that happens by their touch. Those people that are natural healers are no better than anyone else, they are simply very nice to be around, especially when you are hurting, as is anyone opened to a style of Usui Reiki Ryoho.

The hands of any person feel more healing once that person has been connected to a style of Usui Reiki by a qualified Reiki Shihan (master teacher). The difference between what flows from various individual's hands once a person is opened to the universal vibrations of love and harmony is their ability to receive, and how often they practice. The higher the person's vibrations the higher the vibrations they can resonate with and receive. This is why most levels in styles of Usui Reiki Ryoho include many exercises and technqiues to delete negative and bring in the pure white light of Reiki. reiki classes in chennai Learning a style of Usui Reiki requires a lot of time in class and practicing, but the journey feels is so blissful that you soon enjoy every moment. Raising your vibrations so that you can resonate with and receive higher vibrations comes from various exercises, self-realization and practice, practice, practice and more practice.