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How To Syndicate Your Content | www.ed-rex.com

How To Syndicate Your Content

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What is that worth?But what about the little guy? If you’re a small business that places ads on a regular basis, consider a single marketing person with the ability to design and place ads. It’s the beginning of an agency with a much lower cost. It’s how I began in the business. I was a designer for a small firm during college. I worked part-time and they used me as they saw fit. The investment doesn’t have to be large or long- term. But you’ll find more loyalty and cost benefits, for the most part.That’s not to say that using a quality, advertising agency or consultant on occasion, wouldn’t pay off. They may still be needed for a special project or second opinion. But consider the value of an in-house person dedicated to your business. You may find that it was the best investment you ever made.

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