Lance Armstrong and Exercise

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If we are to follow this reasoning, then it can be said that any "cure" which does not either rejuvenate the Beta cells (the insulin producing cells of the pancreas) as would be necessary in the case of a cure for Type 1 or help overcome the insulin resistance of the body as in the case of a cure for Type 2, cannot really be said to be one.The second classification is according to causes of diabetes- Sahaja prameha (congenital) Diabetes 2 Reverser and Apathyanimittaja prameha (due to over eating and poor habits) and finally classification according to Dosha. The first two are clear. What however is Dosha?Treatment of Type 2 diabetes like all diseases in this system therefore requires a restoration of balance (Prakruti) by detoxifying the body of the causative toxins blocking circulation and causing the dosha imbalance and also the normal function of dhatu (tissue).

Diabetes 2 Reverser Review