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Benefits of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

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Flat Belly Overnight Reviews Normally what happens is that when we are in our mother's womb our perceptions are conditioned by the internal environment and the moment we are born our perceptions are conditioned by the external environment. As we grow up and as we gather different experiences in life we are forced to change our perceptions. When we are young, we are stupid. We do a lot of stupid things under the influence of all the surging hormones; and of course this is all part of learning.

We think we are going to live forever and therefore life becomes one long adventure looking forward. However, after a few knocks and bumps on the highway of life, reality sets in and we realize that we are mortal after all. Mortality stares in our face. This forces our perceptions to change again. We start looking backwards and start philosophizing about our future. Because the ego or self does not want to die and wants to live forever we hide behind religious beliefs and God etc to make ourselves feel more secure and comfortable. Hence one can see that it is the time dimension we live in and our perception of time with its associated aging influence that forces us to make these fundamental changes in our lives.


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