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Writing A Winning Non-Profit Resume

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Remember this is only one example of a powerful component of the informal organizational chart that you can discover and use to your advantage. As part of the follow up to the National Happiness at Work Studies, we helped participants become proactive.

They designed positive ways to become actively, informally engaged with upper management. Examples were blood drives, company "green" campaigns, employee sports teams, focus groups on hiring employees with disabilities, and community mentoring activities. At a couple of locations, employees lured upper management into these events by involving local radio station hosts who interviewed people at different levels about their participation.
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How often have you heard the emphatic statement, "We've got to stop meeting like this?" No, this is not a shout from some secret rendezvous, but rather the emotions expressed by many individuals who attend regularly scheduled company meetings. Frustrations frequently result when these gatherings are poorly conducted and produce few, if any, perceived results.T Frank used to say (albeit a bit tongue in cheek), "Be sick when meetings are called. Never attend them. Later, ask anyone who was at the meeting what happened and, within five minutes, you will know anything of any significance that took place." While this strategy is extreme, it points out a common feeling - many company meetings just aren't worth attending.If your staff cringes when the word meeting is uttered, consider these five guidelines for successful meetings. They will direct your thinking as to what must be considered for meetings that produce results, making people want to attend and participate.

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