How We Saved Our Xbox 360 From The Red

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The large and vivid widescreen display will let you to experience while you watch the video, photo and hear music, yet intuitive making the iPad Shiny Characters Pack one of the great mobile multimedia devices. In the Apple iPad comes nearly 140,000 apps stored in the App Store. You can look for anything from games to business apps and more by using the iPad App store. To add to the 'wow' factor Apple iPad is an excellent mobile ebook reader as well.Thinking about buying a new TV, Blu-ray player, or even laptop? Well maybe you should think again because we saw some technologies at CES 2010 that could make a gadget you buy today obsolete very soon.

HDMI is the standard for moving digital media like surround sound audio and high definition video from a source like a Blu-ray player, game console or receiver to your TV or other device. The current standard is HDMI 1.3 with variations like 1.3a, b, and so on. HDMI 1.4 is the latest standard that not only adds support for 3DTV but adds an Ethernet channel that allows the cable to be used to transfer networking data at speeds up to 100Mb/sec for things like IPTV and DLNA (see below). The good news is that high speed HDMI 1.3 cables (the expensive ones) will support HDMI 1.4 features except for the Ethernet channel the bad news is you'll need a new device for the old cable to work with.