9 Surprising Weight Loss Foods

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Do you want to burn some stomach fat? Well, I'm going to tell you a secret and it's one of the reasons so many people fail to reach their weight loss goals. You can't burn stomach fat just as you can't burn fat in your neck or anywhere else for that matter. You have to reduce your overall body fat percentage to see a reduction in stomach fat.Now, let's take a look at the issue. A single pound of fat takes 3,500 calories to burn. This is a lot of energy when you consider that the average person only burns 2,000 calories in an average day. To burn this fat people tend toward cardio exercises like running or the Stairmaster. However, even if you spend an entire hour on the Stairmaster you will only burn about 500 calories. This is significantly better than doing sit ups however it's still going to take a long time. Numerologist.com

The best way to reduce your overall body fat percentage and burn stomach fat, and here's the secret, is to lift weights. Sure, you will burn more calories in an hour of running versus an hour of lifting weights. However, muscle weighs more than fat so the body must work harder long after the workout is over and burn more calories throughout the day.