The Art Above All Arts

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The first thing you do is catch your breath. You are probably on fifth gear now, your mind and body are excited, ready for the next move. Well, stop. First thing to remember is that his heart needs to be won over a period of time, not overnight. Overnight passions fade just as quickly and then he'll lose interest and leave you crying alone, or feeling used and empty.So forget about any other girl and prepare your strategy.Be at ease with yourself. Do not try too hard to impress him. Act natural and happy with yourself as if your life is not about to collapse without him!

Flirt with him with your body and occasionally verbally, alternating it with periods of mystery and almost indifference. Make him wonder about you, don't make it easy for him to guess what you feel.Be friends with him if he wants to, don't be too available for him but, if he needs a shoulder to cry on, be there for him but never give him the impression that he is the only thing in your life. Otherwise he'll take you for granted. So, at some point, tell him you have to go. Always leave any meeting before it gets too 'static'. Make sure you leave him wanting more.Do you know how to make a guy fall in love? Would you like to learn? Do you want to know a little about male psychology? You have come to the right place. You can find the answers right here. This is how to make a guy fall in love with you: