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5 Steps To Success for Beginners | www.ed-rex.com

5 Steps To Success for Beginners

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In this day and age of being able to just put up a marketing page on Facebook, a lens on Squidoo, or a site on any number of Web 2.0 sites out there why would you need to register a domain name? Well, for one when you host a page at a third party site you need to abide by all of their rules in how you run your business. If you accidentally break a rule or they decide all of a sudden to change the rules you could be stuck with having your site deleted. If you have your own domain name you can run the business the way you want because you own it. Plus, you can sell your domain to someone else if you so choose in the future which isn't something you can likely do with your third party site. In order to register a domain name you need to go through a registrar such as Namecheap or GoDaddy in order to make a purchase. Once you have registered your domain then you will need to host it somewhere.


You might be asking yourself how much is it going to cost me to host this domain I just purchased? After all, that's got to be pretty expensive right? The good news is that there is a lot of competition in the hosting space which means you can get pretty good web hosting very inexpensively. More than likely your domain registrar will offer several hosting plans that are reasonable in price. There are also great hosting options from companies such as Bluehost or HostGator which specialize in those services to give you a more robust platform to use at still a great price. You can definitely find hosting at $10 to $15 per month which means you won't be breaking the bank and you can get onto the business of engaging your niche market while you start building that all important list!

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