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Spanish Wells - Five Reasons to Visit This Bahamas | www.ed-rex.com

Spanish Wells - Five Reasons to Visit This Bahamas

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The facilities were excellent, especially if you are disabled like myself(I will keep the details of that for later articles)easy to get around and not too many stairs, there were lifts everywhere. Excellent facilities on the beach and there were seven pools which were a welcome relief from the intense heat, between 33-38 c most days, with nice easy access.We decided that when we arrived we would treat ourselves(seen as this was our Honeymoon)to the club level of accommodation. This was well worth the upgrade in itself for the extra special treatment you receive, the closeness of customer care levels was something I had never quite experienced before but it was nice to feel like a V.I.P. for a couple of weeks. I forgot to mention we found our honeymoon on line at a brilliant price comparison holiday website with all you would ever need, very good service.
Restaurants in Port Blair
The club level of service was phenomonal, even a bit too much at times, although it was nice to be v.i.p. status for a short while. We did travel around to the unesco world heritage sites of the Mayan ruins at Tulum and suchlike and there there was the most ingenious methods of transport I have ever discovered. It was like an inverted tricycle with a seat on the front for those who could not make the mile walk through the jungle to the ruins. How those guys do that everyday in that heat for 5 pesos a ride I will never know. I wish to state that I did give the young chap 20 pesos for my ride he had to work extra hard cycling me!

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