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Mention About Social Proof

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Boostero If it happened to me again, I would handle it differently. I would laugh about it, and still approach the guy even though he's approaching another woman. I wouldn't be trying to get a date, but I would just ensure that I did stand up for myself and get over the embarrassment by sharing the laugh and pointing out the misunderstanding.

Being a natural flirt required me to realize I was telling myself a bunch of lies when it came to communicating with men. I didn't have to be a wall flower. I can make the first move. It's normal for me to feel hesitation, or slip up, but it's not normal to give up.

The way I started being more assertive and more able to flirt with men naturally was when I demanded more from myself than you demand from others. Just look at how other women out there are demanding more from men, and they get it!

You need to demand more in a healthy way. And in time, you become deserving of all the great things in life. While other people are wondering why you are so "lucky" to have such a great relationship, or so "lucky" to have such a great job, or so "lucky" to have such well behaving kids. It has nothing to do with luck. It was all because from now on you don't settle for less. You demand more out of life and you put the effort to get it.


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