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Protect Yourself and Your Dog

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Cat Spraying No More

The K-9 Kondo is superior to other brands of manufactured dog houses costing up to twice as much. You will also save time and money over homemade versions.Bred to work, they require a fair amount of daily exercise. If they don't get it, they will get into trouble finding "something" to do. Two brisk walks daily and a little wiggle and waddle time around the yard, and a Westie is ready for a short nap. This is not an outside dog. Your Westie would much rather keep you company on the couch, than be delegated to the backyard alone for hours.

Minimal shedders, they do require some grooming because of their thick undercoat and rough or silky topcoat. They aren't afraid of getting dirty. Being white, means lots of baths. Another grooming note, their nails grow faster than most dogs. If not allowed to dig or walk on hard surfaces, it will necessitate their nails being clipped often. Because of that, it a good idea to get your Westie puppy comfortable with having their feet handled and nails clipped while still young.


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