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How To Help A Relationship To Flourish

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A second tips is to add elements of playful teasing. Imagine that she is your little kid sister and you are just teasing her. As long as you smile a little, she'll know you are joking. When you do this right, you'll realize that attracting women will become easier. More importantly, banter shows her that her looks matter less and that you don't take yourself too seriously.

Next, work on your looks. Looks don't matter but your look is a choice. If you look sloppy, you may have disqualified yourself from a woman before you've spoken your first word. The first step is to wear clothes that fit. Most men dress with clothes that are a size too big. Make sure your shoes are clean. Women pay attention to shoes because they reflect how he takes care of himself. Secondly, be either clean-shaven or well-groomed. This looks neat and shows that you care about yourself. Finally dress with your type of girl in mind. For example if you are looking for club girls, you want to dress nicer and with a bit of flair. It makes attraction a lot easier since she knows you are the type of guy that dates women like her.

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