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HD LED mesh for indoor application

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The LED mesh from viss enterprises continue to explore the area. VISS photoelectric small pitch LED mesh on the market, will certainly set off a severe impact in the LED mesh lighting application market.

HD LED mesh developed rapidly in recent years, more and more accepted and recognized by the market, display industry to become a new growth point. But compared to traditional information display application, a small pitch LED indoor applications to enter the higher technical requirements, there is more to break the bottleneck small spacing LED applications to break into the room in which the threshold? VISS photoelectric is how to break through these barriers it?

HD LED indoor applications to break into the threshold is as follows:

1, how to match the standard resolution source?

2, how to support multiple cross-platform access and display and control complex signal?

3, P1.2 how this high-speed pitch more positive?

4, how to repair, how to reduce the death rate to light millionth?

VISS take the following measures to break above the photoelectric threshold for application:

1, VISS photoelectric pitch LED mesh panel featuring the 6 series, LED operating current as low as 0.1-1MA, brightness up 75-300CD / m without loss of gray, easy low-light high-ash.

2, Common LED mesh panel can not be made a resolution of 1920 * 1080, can do more than this resolution, and then cover the extra pixels, resulting in waste, space. VISS LED photoelectric small spacing display panel according to 1920 * 1080 resolution unified design, the corresponding bit, exact source standard resolution.

3, VISSLED panel with the image stitching processing system that can support multiple cross-platform access and display and control complex signals, the signal input to solve a variety of applications and display requirements.

4, VISS photoelectric use FUJI NXTIII, G5S other precision machinery, and excellent technical manufacturing LED mesh panel, to achieve a seamless whole screen.

5, VISS photoelectric LED mesh panel with small spacing, fully guarantee the ease of installation and maintenance design. Strict quality control, the use of the top reliable device (billion light, Wang Qi, the country star, etc.), the rate dropped to dead lights millionth.

HD LED mesh for indoor applications:

1, seamless

2, the entire screen brightness and color consistency

3, the color temperature from 2500K to 10000K wide gamut adjustment

4, high gray level, better color performance

5, high-contrast, faster response, high refresh rate

6, efficient cooling, fanless design, zero noise

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