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'You don't need a weatherman ...

These are not easy times for anyone, let alone for writers. Mid-list authors are being dropped by retrenching publishers on the one hand while new-comers struggle to find a real agent, let alone a publisher, on the other.

The proverbial winds of change are howling, and the dwindling number of companies that make up the traditional publishing industry are offering writers less and less and less, while taking more and more and more.

Less editing, less promotion, less money to the writer; more rights to the publisher and more work for the author  — if you want promotion, you're going to have to do it yourself.

Meanwhile, the sharks are circling. Agents and publishers alike want you to sign away your 'in perpetuity', they both want a percentage of 'net profits', not sales, and agents are becoming buyers in their own right instead of representing your interests.

And as ever, the vanity presses jackals seek out the desparate and the gullible, charging huge fees for little more than printing services. Even legitimate publishers are setting up vanity-press subsidiaries, ready to take money from the creators they are no longer willing to pay.

Not for nothing are even succesful professionals exploring options like self-publishing, or opting to work with a small press rather than a conglomerate. Not for nothing are even successful professionals hiring their own editors and packagers instead of depending on the whims of corporate editors whose jobs may not even exist tomorrow.


... to know which way the wind blows'


BumblePuppy Press is not a publisher in the traditional sense. We don't pretend to be. BumblePuppy Press offers only what it says above: editorial consulting | print and web.

We won't charge you a reading fee if what you need is a cover-design and printing for your finished manuscript; we won't push your flawed manuscript to print if you've come to us for a critical analysis; and we won't up-sell you a complicated website if what you need is a blog.

BumblePuppy Press is a service provider. We are here to analyze your manuscript, write your speech or ghost-write your memoir; we are here to edit your copy, lay out your brochure or design your book; we are here to build you a website and help you to establish an online presence.

With BumblePuppy Press, you'll pay for what you get and get what you pay for, no more and no less.

For a free consultation about your potential print or electronic publication, contact Geoffrey Dow at geoffrey.dow@ed-rex.com.

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