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Best JSON formatter and JSON validator
What is JSON?
JSON stands for JavaScript Object Notation. JSON is a format which is readable and writeable for humans. The JSON string is also in colored format. JSON output can be understood easily by human. The string of JSON is based on different colors as well as on readable content.
An example of JSON is given below, which will help to understand JSON properly:
Example of JSON:
"first_name": "Ali",
"last_name": "Qureshi",
"email_address": "",
"is_alive": true,
"age": 30,
"height_cm": 185.2,

How to use JSON formatter?
Basically, the work of JSON is to interchange the given string into readable form. The server fetches the data of user in one line that is so difficult to read and to understand, in many cases there is no possibility to read and understand such type of data that is too longer. In that situation the JSON formatter definitely helps you. JSON formatter convert the given string from one line to readable format as an example of JSON format is given above.
There is a large number of websites which has online formatters. JSON formatter is one of them which are now widely used in the field of technology because it is too faster and helpful.
Here, we are introducing a website from which you will be able to find the json viewer which works properly and fastly and you will get desired result within a second. Among such websites RESPONSIVECHECKER.NET is one of the best website of online tools where you can easily get the JSON formatter. We are showing you the process to get the JSON formatter. The instructions are as follows:
Go to the URL that is given below,
Approach to the main navigation scroll over the mouse on the button ONLINE TOOLS, a menu card will open, approach to the category FORMATTERS in menu card, further category will open that would be JSON FORMATTER, just click on it, you will get the formatter.

For example:
Home > Online Tools > Formatters > JSON Formatter
Use of JSON formatter is so simple, just put the string into the text field and press the button FORMAT JSON, you will get your desired result within seconds. Your content will be formatted with colors in readable and understood format.
Benefits of JSON:
JSON has many positive points; few of them are given below:
JSON is faster and easy to use. The syntax of JSON is small and light weighted that is why it provides the faster execution of data.
The server parsing should be faster than a user could get fast response; in this case use of JSON is best way for server parsing.
The JSON stores data in Arrays and it makes the transferring of data easier that is the reason on which the JSON called the best tool of sharing data.