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Learn to Play Electric Guitar and Electrify

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Many natural systems on Earth form capacitors as well. For example, the Earth's surface and its ionosphere are two conducting layers which are separated by air - hence this system acts as a capacitor. A bolt of lightning is an electrical Tesla Off Grid Generator discharge within this system.Capacitors in the Subtle Body According to plasma metaphysics, the same phenomenon that occurs in space and on Earth can occur within our subtle bodies. It holds the view that our subtle bodies are composed of magnetic plasma or "magma" which generates filamentary currents that are also found in space plasma (see this author's article on Acupuncture Meridians and the Cosmic Spider Web) and the low density magnetic plasma spheres that interpenetrate Earth (see this author's article on Acupuncture Meridians and the Terrestrial Spider Web).

Plasma metaphysics observes that the center of the magma or bioplasma body (coinciding somewhat with the lower abdomen of the biomolecular body) contains a pool of the highest density charged magnetic plasma of heavy particles (originating from the fiery core of the subtle counterpart body of the Earth). (This is normally identified as "kundalini" or "Earth qi" in the metaphysical literature.) It is separated Tesla Off Grid Generator Blueprints from a pool of lower density magnetic plasma of lighter particles of an opposite polarity near the head (this plasma can be identified loosely with "prana" and "Heaven qi" which mainly originates from the subtle counterpart body of the Sun). As noted above, plasma with different characteristics self-organize into "cells" with double-layers around themselves. Hence, a double layer develops within the torso of the bioplasma body separating the two types of plasma. This double layer operates as a capacitor.

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