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How To Avoid Expensive Electric Bills

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EEG studies show that the hypnotic state is not a form of sleep. In fact, it is a form of focused altertness, with increased attention in one area and reduced attention in other areas - much like the meditative state of one-pointedness.You may not feel like you are in a trance or in hypnosis. For most people they simply feel relaxed. Scientists say that people who lose themselves in a movie, a book, or a day-dream are probably experiencing a mild form of self-hypnosis. In fact, all of us pass through Electricity Freedom System brief periods of hypnosis every day just prior to falling asleep and once again immediately before waking-up completely. Hence, the same risk of a spontaneous human combustion or damage due to uncontrolled electromagnetic discharges from the lower physical-etheric body will exist when you are absorbed in a day-dream or TV program; or when you are just waking-up or going to sleep - as when you are meditating.

For most people, however, this risk would be low as generally our subtle bodies, composed of dark matter, only weakly interact with our biomolecular bodies, composed of ordinary matter. For unsupervised regular meditators who deliberately interact with their lower physical-etheric body in a persistent and forceful way (and whose subtle bodies are generally fragmented and pulsating at different rates), this risk may be higher.The Borderline - "Gray" Matter Based on our current understanding of interactions between Electricity Freedom System dark and ordinary matter, electromagnetic interactions are generally ruled-out. Nevertheless, there is no reason not to posit a class of objects which are on the borderline between dark and ordinary matter, such as the cosmic filaments discussed in the author's article Acupuncture Meridians and the Cosmic Spider Web. These gray matter objects, at the threshold between dark and ordinary matter, are generally invisible. However, ordinary matter which condenses around them gives out detectable radiation.

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