Groom and Bride Need to Lose Weight Before the Wedding

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Positive affirmations are fabulous to repeat to yourself daily to insure a successful, positive creation. Affirmations imprint on your subconscious mind what you want to manifest in the present and future. Fix in your mind the mental image or pattern of what you want to manifest or create and it is sure to be realized in the material world. Visualize a mental picture of physical perfection, picture every detail and repeat; 10 times each, 10 times daily. I AM young, beautiful, healthy, happy, harmonious, loving and successful in all areas of my life. You can create your own script for your perfect mental picture or pattern of your hopes, dreams and desires: Repeat your affirmations while looking in the mirror at yourself with love and kindness. Repetition is the key to yourself and success. Do this faithfully, honestly, rigorously, gratefully and consistently and add with it a daily routine of true spiritual practices and meditation, health, fitness and sound nutritional practices, SYNERGISTICALLY woven into your life and the universal laws will never betray you.

We have literally thousands of gimmick diets, books, exercise gadgets, weight loss foods and supplements, and every time we hear about a new one we go all gaga thinking "OK this time its going to work"... only to be deflated, supporting our underlying self fulfilling prophecy "see I just can't lose weight". We justify giving up, and self torture with what I call self inflicted terrorism - learned helplessness. But remember, it is learned helplessness, not factual, scientific helplessness. The learning is based on negative attitudes, information & assumptions. So let's keep this simple - other than diet and exercise (which just a btw is going to be different for different people... ) lets talk about the aspects of fat loss which get overlooked, and can't be overlooked. Let's divide them into physiological & psychological influences:

Hormones, medications, alcohol, digestive enzymes, stomach acid levels, absorption, nutrient balance, metabolic issues, physiological stressors, adrenal & thyroid... after years of excess adiposity, or years of any of these issues - fat loss becomes even more of a science. Unfortunately these issues are flown over in a typical doctors appointment - these all merit an extensive analysis to assess if they are sabotaging fat loss efforts. Briefly said: Wear a pedometer - get your 10K or more, every day, yes even with a desk job. It is possible. Perfect Weight Forever Like everything else - a learned skill - but this qualifies as a life saving skill.