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Email Marketing - Is It Dead or Alive? | www.ed-rex.com

Email Marketing - Is It Dead or Alive?

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You need to ensure that your email marketing campaign is actually working in order to move ahead. You have to take stock and see Learn Build Earn if you are really achieving the goals you set out for your email campaign. Tracking produces actionable metrics which helps you can determine whether your messages are effective. If you are achieving your goals with your email campaigns, it means that your messages are effective. And if this is not the case, then you need to change the aspect of your marketing that is not working.This is the key to any successful marketing campaign regardless of what type it is. You should be able to track your efforts and analyse what is working and what is not. Then make the necessary change of the part that is not working. Listed below are some aspects you must look out for:

Open rates: let's assume you are experiencing poor open rates. You can overcome this problem by changing your subject line to something more catching and appealing to open. As I have explained earlier in this post, there are multiple ways in which you can do this.Click Through's: So you are not getting the massive click through's you want? Why don't you change your content and make it more engaging? Ensure you also have a call to action message by including natural looking links to your products and services.

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