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Ab Machines - Guide to the Perfect Ab Machine | www.ed-rex.com

Ab Machines - Guide to the Perfect Ab Machine

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Let's face it, everyone has an ideal body type that goes beyond just wanting to lose a few pounds. If you're a woman, Jessica Alba or Jennifer Bar Brothers Review Lopez may be that body type or if you're a man, Michael Phelps or John Cena may be that type for you! Unofficial surveys show that by and large both men and women prefer the look of Michael Phelps, more popular known as the swimmers body type. The swimmers physique is define by broad shoulders, a V-shaped back, defined abs and an overall toned body. It is commonly considered the most desirable body shape of all sportsmen. There's a scientific reason behind this as well. You see the swimmers body type perfectly fits the beauty ratio also referred to as the Golden Ratio in mathematics. This is the ratio of perfect symmetry upon which universal physical attraction is based.

The workout program is a download-able product that provides you a step by step plan to achieve this body type. It helps you to attain the right mindset, nutritional habits and workout regimen that will give you the tools necessary to get the body shape you desire! Contrary to it's name, this fitness program isn't about swimming at all! You'll be able to achieve the swimmers body without stepping foot in a pool! But don't be fooled, this program definitely requires you to put in work - if you are lazy then you aren't ready for this workout

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