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Most Important Commands Your Dog Needs to Learn

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Moses returns to Egypt and demands that Rameses let the Hebrews go, but Rameses refuses. Moses then demonstrates some of his new power which God has granted him by turning his staff into a serpent. The Pharaoh is not impressed, however, and four of his guards do the same thing, turning their staffs into four serpents, but Moses' serpent consumes the other four. Rameses is still not impressed, however, so he challenges Moses to perform a bigger miracle by ordering that the slaves must build their bricks without straw, but the tally must be the same or else they will be killed. Realizing that Moses cannot help the slaves, he tells them the situation. Once they learn of their predicament, they try to stone Moses to death, but Nefertiri saves him. Despite this, Moses remains unyielding in his devotion to freeing the slaves.

He then uses God's power to send forth nine nasty plagues on Egypt, including blood on the Nile, hail of fire, and darkness for three days. After the ninth plague, the Egyptian court begs the Pharaoh to let the Hebrews go, but he still refuses. Now Moses becomes very angry and tells the Pharaoh that there will be but one more plague upon Egypt and Rameses will name it himself, and the result will be so terrible that he will surely let the Hebrew's go. The Pharaoh doesn't take Moses' threat seriously, so he decides the last plague will be to kill the firstborn of all the Hebrews. [url=http://thelovecommandsreview.com/]Love Commands[/url] Nefertiri hears this and sneaks back to Moses, telling him of this plague, but Moses realizes that the result will be that the firstborn of every Egyptian will die, but in order for the Hebrews to avoid this plague, they must cover their house with lamb's blood.

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