What the Diet Industry Isn't Telling You About Weight Loss

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So, on your new diet, your lunch is "6oz. of fresh tuna, 2 avocado slices, 6oz. of tomato juice to drink, and 1 apple." So far, sound doable, right? OK, wait till you have to prepare for all the "snacks" and other 2 meals; and wait until you have to do this all week, with all sorts of different foods and ingredients. The Half Day Diet Review Do you like living at the grocery store? It can be downright maddening trying to have all these items on hand! Its so easy to "lose your mojo" when you keep running out of the right things all the time.

So, you found the food shopping too arduous, the meal prep too consuming, the eating schedule too hectic, and now you can't keep it up. You're about to throw in the towel, so what are you going to do, eat your deep fried pizza for dinner again every night? When people "fail" at their diets, they tend to binge again, feeling hopeless and like a failure. What a better way to ease your pain than with junk food, right? Diets don't prepare you for this high likelihood of failure. Its just like when people stop smoking... as soon as they have one cigarette, then believe they have failed and decide to go back to smoking full time. The Half Day Diet Review Nonsense! But if you're on a diet, you're either "on" it or "off" it. Its a precarious and untenable position to put yourself in; there are better ways to handle your weight problem.