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Trading Restricted by Dodd-Frank Legislation | www.ed-rex.com

Trading Restricted by Dodd-Frank Legislation

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A binary option is a relatively new form of investment here in the U.S. It was only in May of 2008 that the SEC approved listing
Clickfunnels Review them in the U.S. At this point they are still considered an exotic option. Even though they are considered "exotic" does not mean that they are complicated, or inaccessible. Actually they are probably the simplest way to invest. They are very accessible via online brokers, and anyone can give them a try, but should you?

Whether or not you should invest in a binary option depends on your goals. If you have long term goals to build wealth slowly, a binary option is not your best place to do that. If you do not have a keen eye for the direction of a particular stock, commodity, currency pair, or index, you should probably stay away from them. If you are not able to handle short term high risk, you should not invest in them.

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