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"I mean —" Lanya looked uncomfortable — "I mean Artist in the way this party presupposes. Sure, I make a piece of music; or a fucking dress for that matter — you'd be astonished how similar they are! But I don't just think you can be that kind of artist any more. Lots of people do things lots better than lots of others; but, today, so many people do so many things very well, and so many people are seriously interested in so many different things people do for their own different reasons, you can't call any thing the best for every person, or even every serious person. So you just pay real attention to the real things that affect you; and don't waste your time knocking the rest ..." — Samuel R. Delany, Dhalgren

Hall of fame:

As you have likely as not gathered from the hed, above, the following are links to my own work which has appeared elsewhere. It's a pretty short list at the moment, with only a single credit for which I have received formal payment, but I do hope that changes sooner rather than later. I have posted most (and probably all, as of this writing — 14 August 2010 — has also been posted here, so I'll include links inside and out, and a note as to the location of the first publication.

And please let me know if you notice that something is broken, either through a comment or via email.

  • First and foremost, of course, was The Globe and Mail's publication of my review of the pretty god-awful novel, A Lion Among Men
  • More recently, one of my favourite writers paid a very high complement indeed to "Dominion of Fear", my attempt to understand — or at least, to explain, the occupation of downtown Toronto this past June. Much to my extremely pleased surprise, Peter Watts' blog entry titled"Dress Rehearsal" quoted from it fairly extensively.
  • On the other hand, being noticed by strangers on the internet is not always so complementary — though it can be fun in other ways. As a fer'instance, a great favourite of mine came a couple of years ago, in response to a compare-and-contrast review I posted of Norman Spinrad's The Iron Dream and David R. Palmer's Tracking. Someone calling himself FotsGreg took considerable umbrage. My commentary, he said, ", in itself, vile, vicious, hateful, and a polemic against everything that the fans find dear in science fiction." Well, you can read his full response on the Analog message board, or also here, in case that board gets wiped. That story also includes a reply from the author of Tracking himself.

Sunday 15 August 2010 — It's a little embarrassing, how sections — important sections — of one's own site can lie neglected for so long while work for others takes priority. Links, after all, are a pretty fundamental part of how the internet works, at least, how small sites are supposed to work.

Or am I out of date? Possibly link-exchanges have gone the way of telegrams and party-lines.

In any event and nevertheless, there is still something to be said for pointing out good work, and there is in fact an awful lot of very good work out there. And I'm digressing.

What was embarrassing is that nearly a thousand people (if Drupal's counting facility is to be trusted) have visited this page, only to stumbled upon nothing but a title and a blank page.

So at long last, I'm going to fix that missing piece to the puzzle.

As won't be surprising to anyone, I feel quite certain that a links page will be a task without an end, so expected it to be a work of punctuated equilibrium. I'll be updating this section of the page when the mood strikes me and the links themselves at right on a semi-regular basis.

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