Open Letter To Peter Mansbridge and The National

Stop the presses!

Snowpocalypse Now

Dear Peter,

The pate of Parson Mansbridge shines bright on The National.

I am a Canadian, and so I understand, I really do. Toronto is the most important city in Canada, arguably in the world. And most of those of you who produce The National live in the city or in its environs and commute in to your fabulous Broadcasting Centre on Front Street. What happens in Hogtown matters to Canadians. I get it.

But still ...

I tuned in to your venerable program for the first time in a while last night. (I don't usually get my news via television; I prefer the printed word or radio. Forgive me.)

I am very sorry to say, I quickly switched it off again — and would have (I swear it!) even did I not currently reside in that sorry provincial backwater, Ottawa.

Please, let me explain.

Your lead story last night concerned the fact that ... well, it snowed in Toronto yesterday. And it was kind of cold. Traffic was worse than usual, and social workers were out in force to make sure homeless people were able to get to warm shelter.

And ... And that was about it, really.

In the middle of January, Toronto saw some snow fall from the sky during a cold day, and some Very Important People — no doubt including members of The National's staff! — were inconvenienced.

I understand that this kind of puts the recent Australian floods and the Brazilian mudslides into proper perspective.

Torontonians were inconvenienced by snow in the middle of the winter!

Well. I guess when I see it in print like that, I do understand. That really was the most important story out there yesterday.


Re-thinking things, it was your choice of the second story which leads me to question your program' perspective on the news. Apparently, it is cold in that dismal, second-rate city of Montreal, too. And an elderly couple froze to death, for some reason.

Look, that sort of thing happens in the third world. I switched off, unwilling to wait for the latest update on the state of the Toronto Maple Leafs.

No love,

Young Geoffrey, Toronto ex-pat

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