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Geoffrey Dow


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About Geoffrey Dow

I am an experienced writer and editor who has worked in media ranging from radio to print to the web. I have written scripts and produced stories for CBC Radio and have had book reviews published in The Globe and Mail newspaper and the magazine Humanist Perspectives. I have blogged at Edifice Rex Online since 2001 and have been Managing Editor of TrueNorthPerspective.com since 2007.


As a writer, I strive for clarity and simplicity without falling prey to the urge to over-simplify. As an editor, I balance a keen eye for detail with the need to keep the whole project in view, whether that project is a full-length book, an article or essay, a public service announcement for radio, a personal blog entry or technical documentation.

I am a self-starter and a quick study. As a Production Assistant, and then Program Consultant, for the CBC Radio program Morning North, I began by conducting research and writing public service announcements but, within weeks, I was producing two stories a day, including pre-interviews and script-writing (I even edited tape) in addition to my initial duties.

As a Project Manager with the national web hosting and development company Web Networks, I wrote proposals, training documentation for clients and regular internal reports for each project in which I was involved.

As an Executive Assistant, I have drafted speeches and correspondence, produced background documents ahead of meetings and taken minutes.

The Globe and Mail published my review of Gregory Maguire's best-selling A Lion Among Men in 2009. Last year, my review of Christopher Hitchens' memoir, Mortality, was published by the magazine Humanist Perspective.

As the Managing Editor of TrueNorthPerspective.com, an online news-magazine with a bi-weekly readership of over 10,000 in more than 140 countries, I write original material, edit and copy-edit contributors' stories, write headlines manage final production of every edition.

Operating as BumblePuppy Press, I packaged and published The Frankford Continuation School: a brief history, by Hanns F. Skoutajan and Arnold Westlake in 2011. In 2011 and 2012, I designed and laid-out 3 issues of Capital Letter, a journal published by Ottawa Independent Writers and in 2012, I served as Art Director for the autumn issue of Humanist Perspectives, laying out that full-size, 40-page magazine in two weeks. I am currently ghost-writing a memoir, which I expect to see through to publication in early 2014 and continue to blog regularly at my own website.

For a free consultation about your print or electronic publication, editing or translation needs, please email geoffrey.dow@ed-rex.com.

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