Humanist Perspectives, Autumn 2012


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Art Director, Humanist Perspectives


For at least one issue of Humanist Perspectives, I can add the title of Art Director to my portfolio.

I am too old and jaded to say that I was "thrilled" when I got my hands on copies of the magazine yesterday, but I can say I was very happy to see them in the metaphorical flesh — paper is a different experience by far than seeing something on a screen.

There's no sense in denying that connections played a major role in my getting the gig. Humanist Perspectives' editor is named Carl Dow. He's my father.

We have worked together on a number of projects over the past few years, including his web project, True North Perspective, and three issues of Capital Letter, which he edited and for which I provided the art direction.

So it was natural for him to turn to me when regular Art Director Richard Young was not able to produce the current edition — which doesn't mean I wasn't a little relieved when I held the magazine in my hands. There is a considerable difference between producing an 8-page tabloid and a 40 page, slick magazine!

Naturally, I spotted flaws as soon as I opened it (and just as naturally, if you don't see 'em, I'm not going to tell you what they are!), as well as things I will just do differently if I get another crack at it, but all-in-all, I'm pretty pleased with my work.

The magazine itself should appear on better newsstands this coming week (at least in Canada), and I commend it to your attention. Of particular interest is James Bacque's essay on how publishing a best-selling work of history nearly destroyed his career, "The Challenges of Bringing Truth".

And the back cover cartoon cracks me right up, if I do say so myself.

On a technical note, I did the work using open source technologies. LibreOffice for converting all manner of Word files, The Gimp for image manipulation and, especially, a program that has developed by leaps and bounds since I first used it maybe a year and a half-ago, Scribus. The developers of that last will be getting a donation from me just as soon as I cash my cheque as they settle on a way to accept donations.

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