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To order The Old Man's Last Sauna

Image: Cover of The Old Man's Last Sauna

The Old Man's Last Sauna is available for every electronic device, in a print-on-demand paper edition, and in a limited first edition, signed by the author.

To order the autographed edition directly from the BumblePuppy Press, please click here. We take cheque, money order, electronic transfers and Paypal.

The books is also available through the following online vendors (that we know of as of this writing! Please note the list is growing).

The Old Man's Last Sauna can also be bought as an ebook!

The easiest way, and my personal favourite, is through Smashwords, where you don't need to worry about digital rights management and can have access to what you buy within (literally) a minute and a half.

As of this writing (December 19, 2013), the book is available through the following online vendors and can be ordered through a number of bricks-and-mortar outlets, with more coming on-stream all the time. (Please note that online sellers don't necessarily sell for our recommended price — shop around!)

If you would like to be informed of new BumblePuppy Press releases and events, we will soon be launching a mailing list. To be added to it, for now please use the Edifice Rex contact form here. Please include your name and email address and include "Mailing List Request" in the subject line to make sure your email doesn't get lost in our spam filter. Note: We will send you an opt-in email when the list is launched, and you'll be able to unsubscribe at any time. And of course, we won't sell (or give) your contact information to anyone else.

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