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About the BumblePuppy Press | www.ed-rex.com

About the BumblePuppy Press


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The BumblePuppy Press is a small house with big ambitions. Or at least, a small press that aims to publish good work and to keep it available over the long term.

With the release of The Old Man's Last Sauna in print and ebook editions, and with a print-on-demand edition that will see the book available for purchase in both formats around the world soon to come, the BumblePuppy Press is a test-case for the conceit that (some) technological changes offer small operators a non-zero chance to compete against the corporate oligarchs whose grasp on the large-scale economy is nearly monopolistic.

Will word-of-mouth and the small-scale promotional activities we can afford see us through to a viable long-term survival - prosperity, even? Our launch party is one - our first - experiment to find out. If you'll be in the Ottawa area this Sunday, please join us at Daniel O'Connell's Irish Pub, 1205 Wellington Street West.

If not, click here to find out how to get your copy.

Spread the word!

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