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October 2016 | www.ed-rex.com

October 2016

Hysteria in the face of Peter Jackson's Fellowship of the Ring

(Notes on the dangers of reviewing adaptions of one's favourite books)

October 23, 2016, OTTAWA — The wonderful people behind the Internet Archive Wayback Machine have come to my rescue once again. This time, with perhaps less credit to my critical analysis of old, than when I recovered my powerful response to the "events of September 11 (2001)".

In truth, I'm a little embarrassed by what I found when I re-read my review of Peter Jackson's first Lord of the Rings film. It's a well-written piece, yes (if I do say so myself), but with an hysterical edge of panic that I think the past 15 years have shown to be more than a little misplaced.

It's safe to say that J.R.R. Tolkien's classic will continue to be read, and quite possibly long after Jackson's epic trilogy is no longer watched.

In any case, my original review, for good or for ill, is back online here. Do you think I went overboard?


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