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May 2012 | www.ed-rex.com

May 2012

The prodigal blogs!

Truly, April was the cruelest month!

May 9, 2012, OTTAWA — It's hard to believe how far I have fallen as a blogger, personal and otherwise.

I have been extremely busy, but more than a month between entries is really kind of pushing it; "they" say (and I am inclined to believe 'em) that consistency is one of the most important elements when it comes to building a readership. But, past is past and I can only promise to (try to) do better in future.

But as I said, I have busy with other things. The driving gig alone saw me hit Montreal 13 times in the span of two weeks, along with a trip to Trois Rivières in the same period. And I've been struggling to get back on schedule with the Mystery Ghost-Writing gig, as well as engaging in a long-form debate about socio-biology (I am, largely, fer it) when time allows. The latter may show up here in one form or another one of these days.

And of course, I continue to pretty up True North on a weekly basis while also trying to give sweet Raven the attention she deserves.

And I have, finally, finished a review of the conclusion of Ottawa indie cartoonist Von Allan's children's fantasy, Stargazer. I bought the book back in December, if memory serves, finally read it about a month ago, and have (yes, 'finally') finished typing up my thoughts. (And Von, if it's any consolation, I bought a copy of Eddie Campbell's The Years Have Pants (review of that coming ... whenever) in January and haven't read even half of it yet. Of course, if you'd comped me, I would have felt obliged to be speedier ... But I digress.)

A black and white comic book featuring three pre-pubescent girls in the role of unlikely heroines, Stargazer features a Magic Doorway in the tradition of Alice's rabbit-hole and Narnia's wardrobe (and the Starship Enterprise's warp drive, for that matter).

What I called a "gentle adventure" in my review of the first volume of the story, proves in its second and concluding chapter to be considerably more than that.

What seemed to be turning into an exercise in that hoary old "And then she woke up!" cliché becomes something very different — and very memorable — by the time the story is over.

A little rough-hewn, Stargazer nevertheless has considerable virtues. This story of friendship and loss just might be a gateway drug to comics for that young boy or (especially) girl in your life — but keep a kleenex handy. My full review is here: The monster, the robot and the Artifact".


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