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December 2015 | www.ed-rex.com

December 2015

The Pedestrians' diaries, part 3

Day 2: The chickens cats streets of Santa Clara

December 30, 2015, OTTAWA — Our first full day in Cuba was a day of walking, walking and walking. Policemen at their ease, chicken invasions, Che's cat and many other wonders did we find (not to mention a single horror: the Worst Spaghetti In the World).

Santa Clara turns out to be a lot like what we have heard Cuba is like - and very, very different.

Click here for Day 2: The cat chickens streets of Santa Clara.


A Canadian abroad: Memories of Cuba, Part 2

Day 1: Airplanes, a Lada and food (glorious food!)

December 29, 2015, OTTAWA — Our introduction to Cuba included an ancient Russian automobile, the mysterious Cuban language of the highways, a lizard and an absolutely fantastic meal, belying everything we'd heard from those who had been to the island before us. A jet plane, a Lada and food! Glorious food!


A Canadian abroad: Memories of Cuba, Part 1

Security theatre of the absurd

December 27, 2015, OTTAWA — Before I get to Cuba, a few notes about the insanity that mascarades as Security at our airports. And believe me, it wasn't the Cubans who were ridiculous!

Security theatre of the absurd.


Cuba: Notes from behind the Coffee Curtain

A Canadian abroad: Memories of Cuba, Part 0

December 27, 2015, OTTAWA — I imagine the word Cuba brings to mind all manner of things. To the historically-minded, it could be the Bay of Pigs, or the Cuban Missile Crisis. To the romantic, bearded Che and Fidel emerging from the jungles to over-throw the gangster dictator Batista. To automobile-aficionados, it is vast fleets of ancient Detroit steel and chrome still rolling. Even agronomists and ecologists have an interest, since Cuba is the first country to successfully transition from a "modern" industrial agricultural system to a more-or-less organic system.

A cop in Santa Clara talks with a woman. His relaxed body-language was pretty typical of those we saw in uniform during our visit.

Geopolitics was what first came to mind when I thought of that Caribbean island, but now that I have actually visited, the reality of people and places has pushed the abstract to the back of the bus. And what a reality!

Nine days don't make me an expert, but I think the experience was worth writing about — and worth reading. Click here for A Pedestrian's Diaries.


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