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Of snowshoes, skates and giant dancing turkeys | www.ed-rex.com

Of snowshoes, skates and giant dancing turkeys

So I think 47 is gonna be a good year ...

Especially if she and I see it in together

Honestly, there's not a hell of a lot to tell; my birthday was celebrated with skating and food (and some writing — I didn't quite make my quota Saturday morning —) with Raven. No splashy parties, no drunken shenaniggans.

It was also a day filled with sappy joy. Nearly two years since I draped my arm across that shoulder, and I have no regrets.

Anyway ...

It's been a shitty winter for those of us who like our winters deep and crisp and even, not dank and wet and foggy.

The the Rideau canal is finally open and off we set on Saturday afternoon for our inaugural skate.

Turned out the day after the opening of Winterlude — a Saturday, no less — doesn't leave a lot of room on the ice for a newbie, but we managed.

The ice was pretty bad, pitted and rutted, but skate we did. Raven (somewhat to her surprise) found that her body remembered quite a lot more of last year's lessons than she had expected, yet she ignored my suggestions she fly solo for close to an hour. Then she surprised me (I'd given up for the time being), by suddenly saying, "Stay close!" and dropping my hand.

And ladies and gentlemen: she soloed! A bit penguin-like in her gait, but a skater nevertheless!

(For a woman who would rather take the bus than walk, this week was actually quite a physical one for Our Raven. On Thursday, we found ourselves in Gatineau Park, for a snow-shoeing expedition, our second, in fact. And there too she surprised me by daring to leave the beaten trail in favour of gamboling through virgin snow and sliding down treacherous cliffs, getting quite soaked in the process. But I digress — and I don't imagine that even the most indulgent of you will put up with much more of this.)

Our skate completed, we returned home, got into dryer clothes, then headed out once more into the night, this time to feast upon food Sri Lankan — spicy, spicy, spicy (and delicious). If you're in Ottawa and have a hankering for pretty damned good curry, Ceylonta is quite lovely.

As for what happened upon our return home, some things must remain unsaid.

Happy winterlude, folks!

A fowl start to winterlude ...

In keeping with long-standing Ottawa Valley traditions, Ottawa's Winterlude opened Friday evening with the spectacular Dance of the Winter Turkeys/Danse des dindes d'hiver, animated in fireworks on the Alexandra Bridge connecting Ottawa and Gatineau. (Photo courtesy of the Phantom Photographer.)

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