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November 2013 | www.ed-rex.com

November 2013

Blogging Doctor Who, New Series 7

The Night Before the Day of the Doctor

Resurgence of hope?

Screenshot from Doctor Who mini episode, Night of the Doctor, Doctor Who copyright 2013 BBC

November 22, 2013, OTTAWA — Doctor Who returns tomorrow, in yet another special, this one to be simulcast all over the world, the better to prevent the spilling of spoilers before their time.

Do I sound cynical? Those (few) of you who have been wondering what happened to my long-promised review of "The Name of The Doctor", first broadcast last spring, might well expect me to be.

I won't disappoint you: I still am.

But I ran across a bit of a surprise a couple of nights back, in the form of an eight-minute (mini) episode called "The Night of the Doctor." I don't suppose many of you reading this are still in the dark about it, but just in case, I'll offer no details here. Beware the spoilers that lurk in my review!

The surprising pleasure I received from the above-noted short film, saw my cynicism tempered, a little, by hope that this Saturday's long-awaited extravaganza might also surprise me. That hope saw me finally re-visit last spring's ostensible finale, "The Name of the Doctor" — and, yes, to also finally review it. That review is behind this cut. Spoilers, of course, and also a return to much wailing and gnashing of critical teeth. You've been warned on both counts.


Note to local readers:

The Old Man's Last Sauna celebrations

November 20, 2013, OTTAWA — I'm very pleased to announce that The Old Man's Last Sauna is now available at Brittons in Ottawa's Glebe at the corner of Bank and Fifth. If you can't make it out to our launch party at Daniel O'Connell's Irish Pub this coming Sunday, then Brittons is the place to be!


Catching up, or trying to

The Old Man's Last Sauna is was born

The Old Man's Last Sauna,
delivered at last!

November 17, 2013, OTTAWA — This entry was supposed to have been written nearly a month ago. In fact, it mostly was written very early on the morning of October 26, but careless user-error on the part of yours truly — due in large part to extreme exhaustion (I ain't taking the fall for this one, your honour!) — saw it eaten up when I closed my text-editor without first saving my deathless prose.

Image: poster for launch part of The Old Man's Last Sauna

And so it was that the front page of Edifice Rex Online completely ignored what is quite possibly the most important even in its pretty long (internet) life: the launching of The BumblePuppy Press as an actual publisher, with an actual book in print and ebook editions!

Yes, Carl Dow's first book, The Old Man's Last Sauna cried its first on the morning of October 25th, 2013, when five cartoons containing the proof were delivered to my door, a mere 24 hours before Mr. Dow (yeah, he's my dad) and I were due to take our places at a table at the Ottawa Independent Writers' annual Author's Fair.

I'll have lots more to say when I get the chance, but for now, I'll just let you know that we're having a launch part this coming Sunday (November 24, 2013), at Daniel O'Connell's Irish Pub here in Ottawa. The details and a chance to register for tickets (they're free!) are at our EventBrite page. There will be readings, a chance to meet the author, book give-aways and live music provided by Kevin Dooley & Friends!

If you're in town, forget about the Grey cup and come out to celebrate with us!

(And if you want to know how I reacted to the book delivery back on the 26th, read The cavalry came in five cardboard cartons (but be warned: salty language ensues).


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