August 2013

The prodigal blogger returns (again)

Kick-Ass 2 poster

August 29, 2013, OTTAWA — I hate the fact that I am so often making excuses and apologies for this site's less-than irregular schedule, so I am not going to bother this time. The three months that have passed since I last updated have been busy ones for me, and even productive ones, but not much of the evidence is yet ready for pixelation.

I would like to wax elequent about the criminality behind the West's latest march to war in the Middle East, or the police states being revealed on our shores, but for now I can only commend you to my Twitter feed if you want my take on the state of the world.

As for Rex, I can offer only my sole venture into the wasteland of this year's summer blockbusters — not the new Star Trek or E-Men (was there an X-Men movie this year?), but a sequel to a minor hit from a few years back that I liked quite a lot. The original, that is. The sequel? Not so much. Kick-Ass 2 wears sneakers, not steel-toed boots.


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