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Racism, "Racism"(?), Doctor Who and Me - And Some Random Gloats

(For some fascinating and insightful comments on this, please visit my cross-posted Livejournal entry and read the comments there before spanking me here. Truth to tell, I'm tempted to delete this entry — nobody likes to publicly fall on their face — but if I'm going to make a fool of myself in public, pretending it didn't happen seems to me to be intellectually and morally dishonest. To read on, if you will, but know that I don't stand by this anymore. GD, January 28, 2009.)

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Better late than never

Professionally published at last!

The timing was almost perfect. After about a three month wait, the Globe and Mail published my review of Gregory Maguire's latest novel set in the wonderful world of Oz, A Lion Among Men (I'll be posting it here anon, but figure that since the Globe paid for the piece, they should have exclusive access to it for a while). At the same time, this website was ready to go live on Saturday as well — or so I thought.

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